Gamze Öztürk is an Istanbul-based performance artist mainly focusing on live art, theatre, installation, drawing, and lens-based media. Her works shapes in the context of the concepts of identity, gender, and culture. Starting with the primitive times, she began to explore the traces of how body perception has turned into restricted patterns. Taking advantage of the visual art dynamics, the focus of theater and live art is; she tries to visualize the history of the perception of the female body through human hair, ritual, and narrative.


She holds a BA degree in Art Management at Yildiz Technical University in Turkey. She worked on performative staging in the acting school under the name of ‘Studio Oyuncuları’, led by Sahika Tekand, from 2017 to 2019. She performs with theatre ensembles in many national and international theatre festivals and theatre halls. She participated in many residencies and group exhibitions in Bogota, India, Italy, Netherlands, and Turkey. This year she was part of the Co-Creation Live Factory: Dissenting Bodies Marking Time, Venice International Performance Art Week in the European Culture Centre in Venice.


Currently, she researches and practices anthropology of hair and the cultural and gender context of the non-verbal language used by Anatolian women