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Performance Opera



Long Durational Performance: 10 Hours, 3 Days 

Date: 3-4-5th July 2019 

Place: Maakhaven, The Hague, Netherlands International Performance Art Program Project ID In-Between Identities 

 @ P.S. Performance Site 


*** Performance Opera is part of Artist Residency Class tutored by VestAndPage & Marilyn Arsem 

Individual part

Between The Pain 

by me

Concept: Where is home? What is home? 


Performance Opera


Performance cycle of Collective Performance Operas currently in production 2017 - ongoing In a time in which people continue to displace – forcibly or by choice – the current performance cycle of VestAndPage inquires into the concepts of Home and the ideal force of a community and sites of belonging, while at the same time questioning the precarious umbrella of state systems and norms that ascribe conventional meanings to both the collective and places. The chapters of HOME are developed through intensive co-creation processes with collaborating artists, presented as final collective performance operas. During these processes of production, we migrate towards ourselves and one another. Is the real home where we are heading? Is the real home where we are? Is home/Heimat a site, my body, a memory, a feeling, a hearth… your hand? Is home to be taken for granted, or to be work for? How can we come from a country? How can a human being come from a concept?                                                                                                                                                                                           -    VestAndPage

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