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Trace of Label /  Etiket İzi
live performance


Event: Mamut art Project 2017

Place:  İstanbul KüçükÇiftlik Park, Maçka, Istanbul



We look at each other and see each other. We immediately try to shape what we see and stick labels on it. Sometimes, we associate a complex structure that we call ‘personality’ with a single word. Shockingly enough, we see the same shape, but we cannot perceive it in the same way.  We are transformed, divided, or multiplied every single day to the extent to which we feel the cacophony of illusions and prejudices.   I look at myself and I cannot identify myself with the shape I have, I cannot see myself as I see it in the eyes of others. This duality threatens the uniqueness of my ego. I have been tagged in a visual, auditory, or sensuous way by each individual I contact. I asked repeatedly the same question to the audience. Who am I?

Now, I have to confront these prejudices to find myself. To take a step further and get rid of these prejudices, I must first touch them.


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