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Cyclic Traces


Live Performance



Venice International Performance Art Week 2020

Co-creation Live Factory: Dissenting Bodies - Marking Time

Place: European Cultural Centre | Palazzo Mora, Venice

Date: Friday 17 January 2020

Material: hair and 13 kg of rice

"Cyclic Traces", is a durational performance/installation work created at the end of the residency program the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK - CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY: Dissenting Bodies Marking Time. Moving, standing, and doing simple actions during the residency, I began to think about how the states of our minds against time can drive our personalities. Mostly, we define the past as a heavy burden on our shoulders. As long as we bear this weight, the motifs of the future will be more of the same. This performance is a ritual of understanding the motifs of my past, making peace with it, and finally lifting it off my shoulders /mind. It is the healing ritual of the artist shaman who loads her past, her present, and all labels in her hair. 

Who am I?  
After asking who I am, who am I now?  
Is there any difference? 
What will I leave behind? 
What will I discover? 


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